Shapes, as a kid, are among the first words we learn. Square, circle, triangle…blah, blah. But shapes also expose us to some great words. All time classics. Some of the very best.

Rhomboid, for example.

In another universe, that is a delicious insult.

What are you doing now, you f*****g rhomboid!?

A parallel universe, perhaps?

Which leads me very nicely to perhaps the greatest word of all time. Whoever decided it needed slipping into human vocabulary at the earliest possible opportunity – the shape learning stage – knew this.

It could have been a colour.

Maybe a farm animal.

Perhaps a food.

But it’s a shape.


Let you tongue flap around those L’s. Let it tumble out of your mouth like a clown falling down a staircase. Parallelogram. It’s very pleasing.

Trapezoid is good, but too aggressive.

Dodecahedron is a humblebrag.

Parallelogram is in the sweet spot. It’s a shame, in some ways, we can’t make more use of it. Maybe it could be a shape, so the kids learn it, but also…what?

A social media platform?

A drug?

A car? (the Volkswagen Parallelogram?)

I’m off to buy the domain name – It’s owned by a production studio. I think we can do better than that, with the greatest word in the world™.



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