“No two snowflakes are identical, y’know?” people used to say, back in the 1980’s.

This fact was a thing of wonder. I was a child, and this was our moon landing. It topped the list of mind-blowingly-amazing things, above even microwave ovens and the ability to write BOOBS with a calculator.

I imagined there was a white coated scientist whose job it was to check. To monitor global snowflake structure and verify the fact. A big red button in his lab to sound the alarm should two identical flakes be spotted.

But weather needs to up its game.

Right here in 2018 we’re overrun with amazing. We’ve got virtual reality, nano-technology and George Foreman grills. Non-identical snowflakes have been bumped right down the list. Maybe as low as number seven, or eight.

Behind graphene, self-driving vehicles, frozen yoghurt, and who knows what else.

Maybe it’s time to bring this thing full circle. For those of us steeped in the legend of non-identical snowflakes, you know what would really blow our minds?

Genetically modified, lab-tested, 100% identical snowflakes.

Falling from our skies to order.

Like calculator BOOBS for millennials.

(Image: By Charles Schmitt – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,




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