By my rough calculations I spend approximately 4,380 hours per year sitting in front of a computer. I don’t remember ever being party to a decision that led me here – 4,380 is a lot of hours to be spent accidentally doing something.

Of those 4,380 I reckon I spend at least 100 on this website.

Probably another 500 on this website.

The remaining 3,700 are spent working. By which I mean messing around on this website, this website, and others like them.

To be clear, this is not what I get paid to do. Like everyone else in the developed world my productivity has been hacked to pieces by the internet. I accidentally spend all my time looking at these websites because it’s easy and my job’s a bit dull.

The eagle-eyed (or should that be brained…eagle-brained? Is that a saying?) will have immediately spotted the hole in my maths.

The missing 80 hours.

4,380 – 100 – 500 = 3,780.

Not 3,700.

The other 80 are spent idly waiting for my computer to restart. Because of an update. Or an error. Or a patch (whatever the hell one of those is!?).

This can be frustrating, because that’s 80 hours every year that could be better spend being useful.

Like keeping tabs on this, for example.





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